CTR face mask

Dutch PPE Solutions will help meet the urgent need to diversify the global, large-scale production and supply chains of personal protective equipment and reduce dependency on a limited number of manufactures. Thanks to the realisation of the first permanent production facility for critical filter material and face masks in the Netherlands, Dutch PPE Solutions will provide more resilience should the demand for face masks and the materials required for them increase in the future.


The CTR mask is a mask specially designed for vulnerable groups during the corona epidemic. CTR stands for "Corona Transmission Reduction" and reduces the risk of covid-19 transmission.


During the development of the CTR mask, several factors have been taken into account that make wearing a face mask more comfortable. For example, the CTR mask from Dutch PPE Solutions consists of four layers of protection, one layer of which is meltblown polypropylene. By using one layer of meltblown polypropylene, there is less breathing resistance and comfortable to use in intensive efforts.

As well as taking into account that the CTR mask is completely latex-free, so that people with a latex allergy can also wear the mask safely. In addition, the mask is designed in such a way that less condensation occurs when the mask is worn in combination with glasses.


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Technical information

First layer Spunbond PP nonwoven fleece, orange
Second layer Meltblown PP nonwoven, white
Third layer Colback nonwoven
Fourth layer Spunbond PP hydrophobic, white
Head loop Nylon/Spandex
Nose clamp Aluminium (between the nonwoven layers)
Foam PU filter foam
Packaging Material Size (L x W x H) mm
Single Pack Not available Not available
Dispenser Pack (25 pieces) Carton, FSC 140x130x180
Transport Carton (24 dispensers) Cart board 560x395x375
Usage Dutch PPE Solutions Type CTR mask is a single use product
Storage <80% humidity & temp -20/+25
Shell life 2 years